Towable Service Labor Pricing

Prices for services are based on reasonably straightforward service times, service prices are subject to change due to unknown/unexpected issues that we may encounter during the service.

Awning Fabric Service / Recommended when needed

$210.00 + Fabric

Inspect the integrity of the awning arms, tube, and springs, remove old fabric and replace with new fabric.

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A/C Service (Roof Unit) / Recommended Annually

$200.00 per unit

Inspect the cover for cracks, integrity and security, remove cover clean the condensor and evaperator with coil cleaner, clean condensate pan, and any forien material in the unit. Straighten bent fins if necessary, reinstall the cover.  Clean or replace the air filter, check for proper operation and cooling differential of the unit.

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Battery Service / Recommended Annually

$60 per battery up to 6

Top off water, clean battery top and terminals, check battery voltage and CCA, perform a draw test and apply corrosion protrctant on terminals

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Furnace Service / Recommended Annually


Inspect the integrity of the unit, examine for corrosion and rust on components. Inspect for wear and future issues, check for proper operation and function, clean out any critter nests.

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Inspection Service (Appliance/Accessories) / Recommended Annually


Inspect all appliances and accessories for proper operation includes awnings, toppers, appliances, TV’s, antennas, stove/oven, refrigerator, water heater and pump, and furnace.

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Inspection Service (Electrical) / Recommended Annually


Inspect the integrity of the 12 and 110-volt systems on the rig.  Test Converter/inverter function, Inspect fuse blocks and breaker box for overheating conditions.  Check for proper polarity on the 110-volt system plugs, inspect shore cord and generator for proper working condition and operation.

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Inspection Service (TX State) / Required Annually

$7.00 for diesel and trailer rigs

We  are an authorized Texas State inspections station.  We know what is required and have the facilities and equipment to get it done.

Inspection fees are set by the state of Texas, no appointment is needed for an inspection, please have your insurance card available, we will need that.

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Oil Change Service (LOF Generator) / Recommended 100/hours

Generator – $240.00 + materials

Inspect the generator look for any leaks or problems, change the oil and filter.  Engine oil is Rotella 15w-40 unless otherwise requested by the customer.  Fuel filter change will be an additional $80.00 + the fuel filter.

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Propane System Service / Recommended Annually


Inspect the system for condition and evidence of chafing lines, inspect regulator, perform an LP Drop test which tests the system integrity.  Check LP detectors.

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Refrigerator Service / Recommended Annually


Inspect the unit for rust, corrosion, and water damage, check condition of burner assy and LP operation.  Clean out any critter nests and ensure flue is clear.  Inspect door seals and operation on all power modes.

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Roof Preventative Maintenance Service / Recommended Annually


Clean the roof with specialty cleaning agents and apply specialty UV blocking agents to the roof to protect it.

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Slide Room Service / Recommended Annually

$125 per slideroom

For slides that are currently operational, lubricate gear mechanisms and tracks, treat the rubber bulb and wiper seals with lubricant, inspect for wear and leak points, check for proper alignment and operation.

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Water Heater Service / Recommended Annually


Check the condition of the anode rod, pressure relief valve, inspect condition of board, burner, connections, look for corrosion on terminals, clean out critter nests, check for proper operation.

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Wheel Bearing Service (Towable) / Recommended Annually

$2oo per axle

Helps prevent bearing failure and wheel play/steering issues.  Remove hub, clean and inspect brakes and bearings, pack with JT-7 grease and reassemble.  Set preload and test wheel and brakes for proper operation.

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Winterize/De-Winterize / Recommended Prior to Freezing


Winterize – drain water heater and fresh water tank, close water heater bypass valves, blow out all lines with compressed air, fill P-traps with antifreeze, and pump up to 2 gallons of antifreeze into system.

De-winterize – Un-bypass the water heater, hook up city water and flush antifreeze out of system, check water heater function and check for any leaks.

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