About Us

What Makes us Better?

Kampfam RV Mobile Service is an RV service business serving the greater DFW/FTW/Denton triangle with quality RV Mobile service.  I have been in business since 2017 as a brick and mortar shop and have an excellent reputation for quality service and repair.  I have closed the brick and mortar business due to the current economics but am working mobile now.

What sets me apart from the competition?  I really care about performing a quality service for you as a customer.  You are not a just a job for me to complete, you are an individual for whom I strive to provide the best repair, service, and experience for your vehicle.  Additionally, I am the only person in the area that is willing to work on the chassis and components of the chassis of your RV.

I don’t try to upsell you on things you don’t need or want.  I may make recommendations to you, but you are in control of your repair, if you want it done that is fine, but if you don’t that is fine also, I have informed you which I feel is my responsibility as a technician to do.

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Why use Kampfam RV Mobile Service?

  • Need help with your Workhorse unit, I am a Workhorse dealer and know your coach well.  Especially the Autopark.

  • Gas or diesel, I can service or repair your RV.

  • I have a reputation for integrity & quality work.

  • I don’t sell RV’s, I only service and repair, my job is to fix your rig not upsell you into another vehicle or a repair you don’t need.

  • I’m mobile and come to you, that means you don’t need to move your rig to a shop and wait for them to work on it.